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fax: (503) 445-4914

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4835 NE Pacific St, Portland,

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  • Standardized and predictable rates

  • Bill by County and not by milage or time

  • Professional, caring, prompt service

  • Collection of vitals information

  • Extra person for removal assistance

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 First Call Mortuary Services is staffed by a team of trained removal technicians who are equipped to handle an extraordinarily wide variety of removal situations, ranging from house calls to crime scenes. Our technicians are gentle and empathetic with families, and are able to provide a dignified removal in even the most complex circumstances.

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Removal and Transportation

We offer the option to deliver decedents directly to your facility, or to hold them at our facility located in Northeast Portland. We offer secure storage of any valuable property that decedents may have with them. Hiring our team of expert staff allows you to focus on providing the families you serve with the care and attention they deserve.