4835 NE Pacific St.

Portland, OR 97213 

Phone: (​503) 208-5885

Fax: (503) 445-4914

First Call Mortuary Services offers a state of the art facility:

facilities we provide

Our Facilities

  • Our cooler, which is the largest in the Pacific Northwest, able to hold over two hundred decedents at a time.​

  • Our receiving bay, which is large enough to easily help multiple clients at once, our retort area, able to accommodate large families who wish to have a witness cremation.

  • Our prep room, which is clean, fully stocked, and ready to use if you need additional space to embalm.

  • Our viewing room, available for our clients to set up viewings, with staff available to help make the families you serve feel welcome.

we are located at:

4835 NE Pacific St, Portland, 
Oregon 97213, United States

(503) 208-5885


fax: (503) 445-4914

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Please inquire for a GPL. Give us a call or email us at office@fcmsor.com

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