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We are more than happy to help and to guide whenever and however our assistance may be needed throughout the embalming process. Our team includes experienced embalming professionals with a deep understanding of the variety of challenges that can arise from decedent to decedent. Because we understand each case is unique, Cascade Mortuary Services relies on a collaborative approach in order to identify and address contingencies that might arise. Our embalmers treat decedents with the respect and dignity that they deserve, and always strive to secure the best possible results on your behalf.


Cascade Mortuary Services Handles it All

Please contact Cascade Mortuary Services for a quote or explanation of services. Experienced representatives are just a phone call away.

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Areas We Cover

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  • Basic Embalming

  • Embalming after Autopsy

  • Plastination Preservation

  • Trauma / Harvesting Repair

  • Basic Sanitation, and Setting Features

  • Expidited/Rush Embalming

  • Casketing of a Decedent

  • Dressing a Decedent

  • Hair & Cosmetic Services

  • Experience for Apprentices

We perform over 350 embalmings a year, many of which are difficult, or extreme, cases ranging from autopsies and bone donations to severe death occurrences. Rest assured that out embalming staff is equipped, experienced, and capable of performing any embalming task you may need.

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