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Additionally, beginning in April 2018, First Call Mortuary Services will become the first mortuary in the western United States to offer high-pressure alkaline hydrolysis as an ecologically sustainable alternative to traditional flame cremation.

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First Call Mortuary Services also offer pet cremations through our sister company, A Cherished Pet, run by Becka Tsuboi. For more information about the wide variety of services offered by A Cherished Pet, including commemorative paw prints, hair samples, and pet death certificates, please contact Becka at 503-908-1013.

First Call Handles it All

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Cremation Services

  • Oversize Cremations

  • Rush Cremations - under 24hrs

  • Ship by mail, Hand Deliver, or Hold Cremated Remains

  • Prep for Viewing or for a Viewed Cremation Placement

  • Scattering of Cremated Remains at the Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood, or the Pine Wood Forests of the Cascade Mountains in Eastern Oregon

  • Infant Cremation

  • ​Pacemaker Removal

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fax: 503) 445-4914

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4835 NE Pacific St, Portland,

Oregon 97213, United States

When a family is ready for the cremation of their loved one your focus should remain on a timely return of the cremated remains to the family. The last thing you should worry about is the time lost by waiting for a free moment to deliver the decedent and paperwork to our facility for cremation.

First Call Mortuary Services offers two retorts, operating over 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our cremationists are certified, diligent, and detail-oriented, ensuring the smoothest and most expedient disposition possible for you and the families you serve. 

for a print out of our cremation authorization please click here.

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