4835 NE Pacific St.

Portland, OR 97213 

Crematory Operators

Timothy Kirkpatrick ACP

Tia Province

Joseph Subiono

Alexis Howe

​Pixie Jones

Facilities Associate

Phillip Ralston

Brent Carnes

 Location Leader

Funeral Directors/Embalmers in Training

Madalyn Lino

​Tiffany Farmer

Deon Strommer


Eli Strommer is our Jack of all Trades. Part of the Strommer family he is an important part of maintaining the infastructure that supports our team. When we need equipment replaced or if we run into a network issue Eli is the person to help

Samantha Haxton

Office Manager

Funeral Director/Embalmer

Eli Strommer

Manager of Administration

Meet The Team


Sara Strommer

Office Manager

Funeral Director in Training

David Carby

Escort Department Leader

Alexis Howe

A Cherished Pet Manager

William Adams

Lead Crematory

Shannon Strommer

Lead Administrator

Funeral Attendants

Michael Steinbach

Russ Hendrickson

Shane Stocking

Weekend Office Manager

Funeral Director/Embalmer in Training

Motor Officers

Patrick Dostal

​David Carby

John Moran

​Spencer Price

Coco Rallings

Transfer Care Specialists

Charlie Barlow
Nickolai Black

Hannah Brostrom
Micah Ennis

Haylee Ferrington
Joseph Finnigan
Nathan Hansen-Plount
Jordan Leader
Aric Rivera
Robyn Wilson

Cheyenne Gliewe

Christopher All

Jeremy Burnett

Kayla Stipitch

​Riese Johnson

While our team has a proven track record of success in first calls and cremations, they’re also lifelong learners who remain abreast of the latest developments in a variety of areas related to your cases. When you come to FCMS, expect to hit the ground running with somebody who’s already a step ahead of the game.

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Fax: (503) 445-4914